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My kids love it! We use it everyday for practice plus the kids work on it at home. It's made a huge difference for us. We will never be without it again!!

Chris Trimmer

Valle Catholic High School

I used QuBowl to prepare my Brain Game team. Everyone is too busy to have traditional practices so QuBowl was great because it allowed me to see who was practicing the most!

Marcia Murphy

St. Theodore Guerin High School

QuBowl has been a great development tool for the students on my quiz bowl team. The program allows them to train on their own time since scheduling practice is nearly impossible in a small school where the same kids are involved in everything. The coaching platform lets me keep track of my students' progress which is extremely valuable to me, as the coach. We've only had the program for a couple months but I've been very pleased with that we've seen so far. Thanks QuBowl!

Dustin Kinnison

Maywood Public Schools

Monday is quiz bowl day, and all six (yes, six) kids sit around for about an hour yelling at the smartboard. It is great fun. I also use it during a short break period we have each day. My students actually think this kind of learning is fun.

Dusty Lee

Green Forest High School

Our district has Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High teams. All teams have QuBowl, and we love it. The students appreciate being able to target specific subject areas, and they find the questions to be challenging. I like the ease of use and tracking. I am impressed with the excellent customer service and features of this product.

Patricia Higgins

De Queen Public Schools

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If you select an annual plan - yes. The reason we offer annual plans is because schools have found it easier to pay for larger amounts with a PO#. We also offer a 15% break on pricing for annual plans. That said, if month to month appeals to you, we offer that option as well.

Absolutely. We don’t want unhappy customers. That’s why we offer an iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee. Buy it and if you don’t like it (you will!), then we’ll offer you a full refund.

You’ve got quite a few options here. The first and most common is to simply pay for it out of your Quiz Bowl budget - oftentimes replacing question packet purchases. That said, quite a few of our schools pay for QuBowl out of their Gift and Talented budget (or similar state program). The reason being that QuBowl’s analytics have proven to be quite effective at proving progress in coordinator’s classes. Lastly, Title I has also been used by qualifying schools. If you’d like help with talking about QuBowl to your principle or superintendent, give us a call! (802) 962-0820

Yes! If you decide to give QuBowl a try, you will not be charged a penny. Starting a free trial contains absolutely no obligations - you have our word on that. We don’t even ask for a credit card. You also get the full version of the site with the only limit being a 1000 question cap for teams (500 for individuals). So sit back and enjoy your 14 free days of QuBowl!

They last the entire calendar year. So plenty of time for your students to practice during the school year, through Christmas break, and over the summer.

Never. If anything you will continue to get more and more value! The great thing with SaaS is that you only pay a single fee (whether monthly or annually) yet you get all the improvements going forward. So as QuBowl adds new features, you get to tag along for free!